Welcome To The Autism Parent Academy

Welcome to The Autism Parent Academy


Challenges of an uncommon nature require solutions of  an uncommon valour.


Parents of children with Autism face extraordinary times and experiences and they deserve the best in coaching, support and ideas that get them the results the desire and deserve.

This site is designed for parents that suspect that their child has autism, have recently received a diagnosis of Austin Spectrum Disorder or are looking to reboot their life with autism with new strategies, ideas and solutions for helping their child.  


Our services are focused on guiding, supporting and supplying solutions for parents of children with autism.  


We do this through providing top shelf audio, video and coaching programs that are designed to help make a difference in your life and intervention process immediately.

No person will care more, put forth more effort, push to get results and love their child more than a parent. Being equipped with the best in class solutions is the one key factor that will make the difference in the results that they get. They deserve nothing less.

Bryan & Shauna Piwek

About Bryan Piwek

Lead Coach, Facilitator and Co-Founder

Bryan Piwek – CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan is a natural born leader and has taken on leadership roles in many areas of his life starting from an early age where he was a captain of many minor league and school sports teams through to working with senior leadership teams of multi-million dollar companies.  He is also an experienced teacher and coach both in business and in the martial arts.  He has taken this experience and honed this into supporting and coaching parents and families so that they can develop plans and strategies that will help them as they move through their life with autism.

These skills include

  • Personal Performance Coaching
  • Action Planning And Execution
  • Martial Arts – Specifically Jeet Kune Do Concepts (The Legendary Bruce Lee’s Martial Art)
  • Leadership Training
  • Group Facilitation

About Shauna Piwek

Spiritual Adviser, Reiki Healer and Co-Founder

VP of Customer Care - Co-Founder

Shauna is an outstanding mother and leader.  After being disappointed with the progression of the early intervention process, she wanting to be involved in every aspect and took on becoming the leader of the intervention process for her daughter and ultimately became her daughters personal therapist.  Shauna made the decision to focus on helping her daughter and left a professional career as an instructor at a computer programming college so that she could dedicate her time on something that was more important – her family.  Shauna has successfully navigated through many situations and challenges and is now passing on that experience by supporting the many happy customers and satisfied clients that we have.

These skills include

  • President Of The Parent Advisory Council For Her Children’s Schools
  • Teaching
  • Volunteering In Many Public Service Environments
  • Hands On Intervention Skills – Successfully Proven Results
  • Coaching And Consulting

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